What follows is slightly modified material from the bio at the end of my forthcoming book, End Anxiety!

James G. Meade, Ph.D., sometimes considers himself to be like Henry David Thoreau’s “The Artist of Kouroo,” who labored outside of any constraints of time and in the words of the famed transcendentalist philosopher, “made a new system in making a staff.” For Meade, now 77, the “staff” is this book.

Distinction is nothing new to him. He received his Ph.D. in English from Northwestern University, graduating, as his dissertation director phrased it, “With Distinguished Commendation.” As an undergraduate he was Phi Beta Kapa from “Little Ivy” Hamilton College where he received the coveted Frank H. Ristine Prize Scholarship to the top student in the popular and highly competitive Department of English. He was commended by the famed Woodrow Wilson Foundation and by the Danforth Foundation, eventually attending graduate school on a full, three-year National Defense and Education Act fellowship.

A Founding Professor of Literature at Maharishi International University, he taught full-time at the college for its first two years and in fact taught the very first course there. Inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he left academe and began his journey into writing in the mid-1970s, with two years invested in a Transcendental Meditation® book, as yet unpublished. Reluctant to write about anything else, he allowed the exigencies of surviving on the planet to draw him into teaching writing (Harvard, Boston University, Cape Cod Community College, Fisher Junior College, the University of Maryland) and into working as a writer in industry (two years with then thriving but now defunct Digital Equipment Corporation) and then into many years as a business writing consultant with a client list that included Lee Enterprises, Voicemail International, Lotus Development Corporation, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

In 1988 he began assembling books for the emerging computer book industry and, ever the Artist of Kouroo, lived in the world of strict editorial directives, unforgiving formulas, and unyielding deadlines. He wrote the first book on PowerPoint (Using PowerPoint, which sold 300,000 copies) and a barrage of computer “bibles” and “user” guides and, on occasion, “For Dummies” books while also pouring out columns and feature stories and Dot-Com contributions culminating in his The Human Resources Software Handbook with the august John Wiley Publishing in New York.

Ever focused on his TM® intentions, he co-wrote The Answer to Cancer with prominent Ayurvedic experts Dr. Hari Sharma and Dr. Rama Kant Mishra (revered expert in his only published work) while his wife and his inner voice kept telling him, “Write your own books about TM®.” With Dr. Sharma he wrote a breakthrough book on genetics, Dynamic DNA.

Meanwhile he put to use his certification as a TM® teacher, together with his wife teaching thousands of people how to meditate while also offering weekly advanced lectures that evolved into chapters in the book he was fashioning. While teaching in many parts of the U.S., including even Alaska and Hawaii, he focused mainly in Southern California. Overseas he taught in Tanzania, Hungary, Nepal, Hong Kong, S. Korea, and Jamaica.

All that intense and demanding preparation had a single focus and comes to realization now with this, his artist of Kouroo staff, End Anxiety! Proven Benefits of the Transcendental Meditation® Program.

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