What People Say

About End Anxiety!

From a reader:

I downloaded the book End Anxiety! to my new Kindle.  I read the entire book in 2 days.  It is fantastic.  I loved it so much.

Linda Gelpke

From the Vermont TM Center Director:

Fabulous!!!! The book is so enticing – I had to read all three chapters without a break. Thank you so much for writing such a useful tool for TM® teachers, but especially to all those folks out there with anxiety. Your skill with language and storytelling is excellent, witty and charming, magnetic.
I look forward to sharing it with many others.

.Janet Smith


From the Foreword by Dr. Robert Keith Wallace:

I am amazed by the volume of scientific research—close to 700 studies and counting—that has been done on the Transcendental Meditation® program since my first paper was published by Science magazine in 1970… End Anxiety! draws on recent studies, and it is written by a humanist rather than a scientist. As you might expect, the book focuses on human beings instead of data. It examines changes in the lives of people who come to TM® centers suffering from anxiety and other personal problems.

The narrative does not resort to rhetoric or imaginings but uses the language of our time, the language of science. Among other things, it deals with EEG research which indicates that not all meditation techniques are the same. For example, what are the differences in the EEG and brain imaging findings between Mindfulness and the TM® technique?

End Anxiety! is an engaging read that highlights decades of practical scientific research on the TM® program, presenting it in a simple, interesting, and mercifully short volume. I hope that it will help you to empower and improve your life. Enjoy.

Dr. Robert Keith Wallace
Trustee and Founding President of Maharishi
International University, Chair of Department of
Physiology and Health

From the Introduction by Mike Love of The Beach Boys

“I remember exactly what I thought when we learned [TM from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi].—It’s so simple to learn yet so profound. My feeling was that “the Earth would be an entirely different place if everyone would do this.” The TM was so deep. You go beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping. It was a whole level of experience I’d never dreamt of. And that’s what this book introduces you to. TM is not just another technique. You transcend the conscious thinking level that everyone is familiar with. People should know that TM is different. Deeper.

…Learn TM. It’s all there in that moment of getting beneath the surface of life, which is a moment of eternity. It’s all you need. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” as we say in one of our songs, to have everything like that? Know what? You don’t need to go anywhere else or do anything else. . . . Transcend, and you’ll be a person who knows inside the simple truth of words like our song—“Don’t Worry Baby. Everything will turn out all right.”

Mike Love
March 2022, Lake Tahoe


About the TM technique

After producing over 600 Star Trek episodes and 4 motion pictures, I guess I’m pretty familiar with stress and anxiety. What made me stick around and follow through [with the instruction in the TM® technique], was not only my fascination and attraction to the principles of TM®.  It was equally a result of the remarkably warm, patient, and informative leadership of Jim and Nina Meade.

Rick Berman, Star Trek Producer

I had the pleasure of being taught by Jim. It was the best introduction to TM I could have hoped for.  I have since used it as a tool almost daily, and it has given me a sense of peace and a reprieve from the stresses I face on a daily basis as a director and creative executive. 

 Anthony Pietromonaco 

Commercial Director and CCO Company X Media 

The act of Transcendental Meditation as it was described to me years before I began was intimidating to say the least; then I found Jim and Nina. Jim walked me through each step slowly, without judgment and with complete ease. I am excited that he is out in the world teaching people of all ages to practice this technique. We are the lucky ones.  

Marielle Scott, actor in Lady Bird, You, A Teacher

Since meeting with Jim and learning TM I feel a reduction of stress and
anxiety, which is saying a lot in this time of the COVID-19 scare. I have done many meditations, and I feel that TM really reaches the essence of what meditation is.

Paul Vargas, keyboarder for the  band Missing Persons

The strange thing is, I went into TM looking for a fix to a confidence problem—and I got so much more in return.  Emotional and psychological stuff that hadn’t moved in years moved literally after my first 20-minute session. 

Ron Cabreros, Business Exec


 Jim Meade has a gift for bringing out the essence of what we need to know . . . before anyone else has done it.

Paul Finnigan, President, International Voicemail Association.


I was so mad when I started TM. I felt like a 50-ton whale with so many barnacles on me that I couldn’t swim anymore. From the moment I met Jim Meade, his knowledge, joy of teaching, and slightly left of center sense of humor started to knock them off.  Early on, he mentioned the word “effortless” and I thought “yeah, right . . .” Now, I can’t imagine a day without my two pillars of TM. I am on track and at peace with my purpose in life.  To make people laugh with my heart.  Effortlessly. 

Clay Bravo, actress, writer, humorista

I feel love and I have these experiences of heavy heavenly vibrations all over my head, the amazing feeling of the tension being released from behind my eyes and nose air passages. Being cloaked in this light of love, I do not want to say words, I just want others to experience it for themselves. Maharishi is absolutely correct in saying you cannot forget the experience of the Self. Once you dip into this ocean of consciousness, you can never forget how refreshing the water is.

Jerome Buchanan, Professional Fighter

TM saved my life. Two days after  learning, I had no urge in me to get high anymore. The meditation gave me this pure joy and calmness that I was looking for all of these years. 

TM made drugs insignificant for me, and I stopped cold turkey from doing any substances. I never had even a little urge of going back to it. All I need is my 20 minutes of peaceful TM time twice a day to fulfill my life.